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Charitable giving can be beneficial part of estate planning

There are a myriad of options for creating a comprehensive estate plan. Many people have the desire to gift part or all of their estate to a charity when they pass away. It is a selfless choice and can make a huge impact to the organization that receives it. Many families here in Georgia likely have questions about exactly how a charitable donation fits into estate planning. Experts have a few recommendations.

One of the simplest options available is to list the donation as a provision of a will. Some donors worry that the estate tax rate could mean that beneficiaries won't receive as much of an inheritance as the donor wishes. Making a contribution to a chosen charity can lower the donor's tax liability.

What will happen to my horses after I die?

After your family and friends, your horses are what you care about the most. The gentle, beautiful creatures that you own mean the world to you, and you want them to have the best lives possible.

However, the future is unpredictable. No one expects that one day they could become ill or experience an accident. But in case this does happen to you, it is crucial to address the care of your horses in your estate plan.

Potential breach of contract in sale of horse to slaughterhouse

Animal owners generally want whatever is best for their faithful companions. Sometimes that might even mean giving an animal away to an organization or person that can better care for the animal. Unfortunately for one Georgia woman, her story of giving her beloved horse to someone she thought would care for him may not have a happy ending. A veterinary student is now facing charges after being accused of selling rescue horses to a slaughterhouse. A potential breach of contract may also lead to a civil claim against her.

The woman who originally owned the horse sought to re-home him when she realized she would no longer be able to financially provide for the aging animal. When she posted an ad on Craigslist looking for a "retirement home" for her horse, she got a quick response from a student studying veterinary medicine at an out-of-state university. The student said she had a farm and another horse who would benefit from having a companion. The student traveled to Georgia and wanted to take the horse with her that same day. The woman, who had a degree in Equestrian Studies, drew up a quick contract stating that if the student could no longer care for the horse, the animal would be returned.

New year sees a rise in divorce rates

The end of the winter holidays often means a return to routine for many families here in Georgia. For some, it can also mean big changes, including divorce. Experts say that they often see a rise in divorce rates at the start of each year and there are several reasons why.

One expert says that divorces are often catalyzed by an affair, issues with money or sometimes both of those things. The holidays are typically a time that people spend with their families, and can be stressful, but people will often "tough it out" through what is normally a happy time of year. If there are children involved, particularly young ones, it may cause parents to hesitate in filing for divorce, in the hopes of not upsetting anyone. If money problems or an affair is a factor, it might exacerbate any additional stress present in a family thanks to the busy time of year.

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